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Anyone who speaks their native language, has their own IPS navigator. IPS is a system that allows spontaneous fluency in the language.

The main goal of a foreign language student should be to create his own IPS for the language. The IPS will guarantee spontaneous and fluent speech. Anyone fluent in their native language can learn to speak freely and fluently in a foreign language.

IPS navigator is a powerful self-contained system, operating in automatic mode. IPS instantly converts the speaker's thoughts and images into sentences; and while reading or listening to texts, IPS converts words and sentences into thoughts and images.

The only way to create an IPS for a specific foreign language is through a special system of training, allowing you to learn to think in a foreign language from the very first steps.

In order to initiate a new IPS, it is sufficient to learn 30 short training texts. These texts include the most important grammar and vocabulary. You should master these training texts from simple to complex.

The first training text, which is the most simple one in its grammatical and lexical structure, is usually the most complex and difficult training to digest, as a new language requires a readjustment of the speech apparatus. That is why the number of repetitions of the first 10 training texts should be the maximum - from 100 to 1000 repetitions.

The number of repetitions of each subsequent training will steadily decrease, thus the last 5-10 training texts require the least number of repetitions - between 10 and 100. The number of repetitions depends on the memory and the abilities of the student.

It is important to maintain the training texts in an active state, for they function as the working parts the newly born IPS engine. To ensure smooth running of the engine you have to repeat all the training texts every day, which usually takes 20 minutes. When you are fluent enough and it is easy for you to say all the training texts in one go, you can do the training session once a week.

The next important step is to teach your IPS navigator to assist you in speaking and thinking in the foreign language. Educating your IPS navigator requires patience and thoughtfulness. Every time you start working with a new training text, look for the grammatical structures and words that you have already used in the first 30 training texts. Such a comparative analysis is the first step in making your IPS navigator work in automatic mode. Analysis of a new training text will show that it contains a lot of grammar and vocabulary from previous training texts. In practice, you will see that now you do not need to repeat a new training text 100 times to learn it well. 10-20 repetitions is usually sufficient.

A new series of training texts will enhance your IPS navigator and make it work, first in a semi-automatic, and later in automatic mode. In order to check how well your IPS navigator is functioning, read a new training text only once and try to retell the text. If you can easily speak about any simple text after a single reading or listening - you have learned to speak and think in the language!

You should not stop. Now you have to use your IPS navigator all the time. Communicate in the language as much as possible, thus reinforcing the skills of spontaneous fluent speech. If you cannot find anyone to talk with, you should read a lot, listen to easy stories, learn your favourite songs, watch films and learn some more advanced training texts.

We have published a series of books for Hungarian language learners from elementary to advanced levels. These books are all accompanied by CDs and contain hundreds of training texts, which will help you master this incredibly complicated language.